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About Us


The Black Page is a free online drum magazine and drummer hang out dedicated to delivering content to drummers across the globe. Every month we feature awesome drum lessons, interviews with today's top drummers, reviews on the latest drum and cymbal gear and a monthly custom drum feature. Our Woodshed allows you to post your drum videos on our website as well as our Show Us Your Kits Page that lets you post photos of your drum-kits to our website.


Every soul is eternally both the teacher and the student. Thus our purpose is to thrive in and contribute to a global village built on music, education, support and the sharing of ideas. The Black Page is an online drumming publication published twice per month. Our approach is based on unfettered access to information, education, and concepts.

  • FRESH CONTENT: Our original content is published every three weeks with insightful interviews, articles, reviews and editorials. 
  • THE WOODSHED: Our Woodshed page features interactive content including the ability to post your YouTube drum videos on our website.
  • SHOW US YOUR KITS: We want you to show the world your big beautiful drum kits! Post your photos and let us know the details. We want to know everything about the awesome kits our readers have purchased.
  • LANGUAGE TRANSLATION: Our website allows for language translation in more than 50 languages.
  • GLOBAL EDUCATORS DATABASE: The Black Page allows all subscribers access to drum educators contact info across the globe. 
  • CUSTOM CORNER: Every month we feature a custom drum company to help introduce unique and exciting products to the drum world. 



  • August 2006: The Black Page PDF drum magazine starts its humble beginnings regularly distributed to its readership via text in simple email body.
  • February 2007: Now dubbed a paperless drum magazine, The Black Page is distributed (still via email) as a PDF. The freedom to be more creative with photos and layouts gives BP a magazine-like appearance. Weblinks are also added to facilitate the online function of the publication. 
  • April 2007: A very basic website is created to facilitate the downloading of the PDF issues. The more elaborate layouts and art create PDF files too large for most email inboxes. This year marks the first time BP is read outside North America.
  • March 2011: Due to increased web traffic and a more global demand, the decision is made to create a new look and website for The Black Page online drum magazine. May 2011 would mark the end of the typical magazine layout look. Publisher Sean Mitchell agrees to be the last interview for the PDF format.
  • January 2012: The Black Page re-launches as a free online drum magazine with fresh new content every month for drummers across the globe!