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DS Drums - The Perfect Sound for Every Drummer

Article by Jillian Mitchell // March 01 2014
DS Drums - The Perfect Sound for Every Drummer

The world is but a canvas to Luca Deorsola, his hand-painted Tartan finish series is a testament of his fine Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail. And to play these drums—exuding  the look , the sound, and the design; the epitome of excellence—is to experience Luca’s imagination. 

“I love art and design, and I take inspiration from everything around me,” says Deorsola , owner of DS Drums. “I personally develop ideas." 

As his website proudly displays, “Don’t be afraid; be great.” And since 1995, Deorsola has done just that—with the vigilance akin to a veteran artist and his cherished masterpiece. Stemming from humble beginnings, the craftsman built his first kit in the comfort of his mother’s kitchen.  

Today, DS Drums boasts more than 2,500 different custom combinations—any size, any color, any finish—is shipped globally (the company’s two distributors are located in Sweden and Germany). Deorsola’s one-man operation is continually the leading brand for the Italian professional market, having been endorsed by Enrico Matta and Andrea Fontana among many reputable artists in the drumming industry. 

“I love listening to the tastes and needs of drummers. With their input and my knowledge I have experienced many combinations of sound by varying the drum shell, the bearing edge, the snare bed and snare wires—all strictly DS production."

What really sets Luca apart are his incredible finishes; all DS Drums are hand painted.

"I don’t use wrap— All finishes are made by hand by me. DS Drums proudly offers six finishes: NS Natural Sound, Wet Effetto ET, SO20 Solid 20, LQ High Gloss, Custom Graphic and Sparkles."

Easily considered the Ferrari of custom drums, DS offers an intelligent line up of shell packs and hardware including the Evolution 2.0 Series, Evo 2.0 Old School, and Evo 1.0 series and the DS exclusive Tartan finish series.

The current DS custom snare line up includes four types of maple or birch snares (Studio, Regular, Dynamite, and Supersonic), two types of Beech, Mahogany and Bubinga (Studio and Regular), a hybrid series (African Walnut/Beech and Birch/Mahogany), and the Artist Series which includes a handsome 14x6 Tamo Ash made for Andrea Fontana.

Luca adds, "I also offer metal snare drums as steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, and titanium, but right now I'm developing new models." 





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As a professional vocalist (and self-professed grammar nerd), Jill brings a fresh perspective to The Black Page. In addition to earning a B.A. in music, creative writing and English, Jill has also studied vocals with Philadelphia-based vocal coach Owen Brown, known for his work with Mary J. Blige, Celine Dion, and Wyclef Jean. Jill makes up the other half of world soul group The Mitchells, alongside Black Page creator, Sean Mitchell.

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