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Drummers Of The Pacific Northwest: Chris Korzin

Interview by Donn Garrett // September 08 2014
Drummers Of The Pacific Northwest: Chris Korzin

Between personal practice, rehearsals, gigs and teaching I easily get a good 40 hours behind the kit every week. Which I love doing and it's not really like work to me.

Donn Garrett's Drummers of the Pacific Northwest features Chris Korzin, a Tacmoa WA based drummer and educator.

Donn Garrett: How long have you been playing drums?

Chris Korzin: 33 years. I started in 1980. 

DG: Are you self taught? Mainly self taught but influenced from many sources.

CK: A lot of the things I did as a kid I still do today. Keeping my eyes and ears open to any input that can make me better at my craft. Hanging out and exchanging chops with other drummers, watching videos, YouTube, reading books and mags like Modern Drummer, going to drum clinics, seeing live performances, lots of practicing, band rehearsals and gigs, go to the NAMM show etc. Learn from anywhere and everywhere! 

DG: How do you strike a balance between business and music?

CK: I'm very fortunate that playing drums is what I do for a living. Between personal practice, rehearsals, gigs and teaching I easily get a good 40 hours behind the kit every week. Which I love doing and it's not really like work to me. The work part to me is all the behind the scenes stuff (i.e. office work, scheduling gigs, advertising, running band related errands to kinkos or Guitarget etc.) But, it's all part of the hustle of being self employed. 

DG: What made you decide to play drums?

CK: Rush 2112 inspired me to air drum and Moving Pictures sealed the deal and made me buy my first drum set. I was on a mission to play drums after that and I just never stopped. 

DG: Do you sing or play other instruments?

CK: No. Being behind the kit is where my passion lies. The last thing anybody wants to hear is me singing! The idea is to keep people in the venue! 

DG: What was your first kit, do you still have it or pieces of it (pictures of your first kit would be cool)?

CK: No pictures of my very first kit. It was a little yellow 4 piece off brand kit. I beat the crap out of it. Traded up with some dough to a little Ludwig kit that got me thru high school. 

DG: Who did you most want to be like?

CK: Neil Peart 

DG: Name the venue that you dream of playing at or you've already played there.

CK: Red rock amphitheatre in Colorado looks cool in pics. Never been there. There's all kinds of really cool gigs out there. Sometimes the coolest gigs come from the most unexpected places. 

DG: Who would you love to jam with?

CK: I don't really have a specific group in mind. Just players that have the passion. Whether it be on a local or national level. 

DG: What kind of set do you play now and why?

CK: Currently I've been playing Pearl Reference drums. Love 'em! They have some serious horse power for the rock gigs. I also have a set of DW Exotics. Like them too! Different tools for different gigs. I'm endorsed by Supernatural cymbals but I also enjoy all the other cymbal companies. Cymbals are so individual sounding. They either sound good or they don't. I've heard good ones from all companies and ones I don't particularly care for from all companies. I'm endorsed by Vater drum sticks. I absolutely love these sticks! Also endorsed by Kickport. These are really cool for enhanced bass drum thump!




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Donn Garrett is an accomplished drummer, songwriter and producer. He has performed with Alan White, Liberty DeVitto, Reek Havok, Shelley Tomberg, Steve Fossen, Chris Slade and many other talents. Visit Donn online at http://www.donngarrett.net/

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