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The Black Page interviews some of the world's best and brightest drummers. All of our interviews are archived here. Need to find a specific interview from your favorite drummer? Use the search box at the top right of our website and enter the name of the drummer you are looking for.

Interviews: Cathy and Nick Rich

Cathy and Nick Rich
May 02 2009 // [Sean Mitchell]

Cape Breton is an island at the northern tip of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. The communities are...

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Interviews: Dyrol Randall

Dyrol Randall
Apr 02 2009 // [Sean Mitchell]

There is an expression among the Rastafarian culture, “Ah sey one,” and its literal meaning, translated...

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Interviews: Fubuki Daiko

Fubuki Daiko
Mar 02 2009 // [Jillian Mitchell]

Respect, humility, patience, acceptance, fearlessness, joy, creativity, tradition, group spirit, and the...

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Interviews: Billy Sheehan

Billy Sheehan
Mar 02 2009 // [Sean Mitchell]

There comes a time in every drummers’ life that the endless hours of basement practice end and the...

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Interviews: Uriel Jones

Uriel Jones
Feb 02 2009 // [Sean Mitchell]

As Jill, Jayson, or anyone who has sat and talked with me for a couple minutes can attest to, I am a...

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Interviews: Ed Mann

Ed Mann
Jan 02 2009 // [Sean Mitchell]

What can I say except to revert to a shameless pun; Ed is, in fact, “the man.” Not only is he one of the...

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Interviews: Liberty DeVitto

Liberty DeVitto
Dec 02 2008 // [Sean Mitchell]

When I think about my introduction to drumming, there are two very vivid memories. The Buddy Rich vs...

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Interviews: Ricardo Melendez

Ricardo Melendez
Dec 02 2008 // [Sean Mitchell]

Ricardo Melendez is the intense passion behind the groove of Dearestazazel. Currently in the midst of an...

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