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The Black Page interviews some of the world's best and brightest drummers. All of our interviews are archived here. Need to find a specific interview from your favorite drummer? Use the search box at the top right of our website and enter the name of the drummer you are looking for.

Interviews: Andrew Hewitt

Andrew Hewitt
Nov 12 2008 // [Sean Mitchell]

Since the inception of The Black Page, I have been introduced to so many amazing drummers, and in turn...

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Interviews: Dom Famularo

Dom Famularo
Nov 02 2008 // [Sean Mitchell]

There is an Italian proverb,“Chi la dura la vince,” that when translated to English means “He who...

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Interviews: Alan White

Alan White
Oct 02 2008 // [Sean Mitchell]

Alan White can no doubt be considered one of a rare few. The soft spoken Whiteis a true giant among his...

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Interviews: Carmine Appice

Carmine Appice
Oct 02 2008 // [Sean Mitchell]

Carmine Appice doesn't mince words, capish? At sixty-one-years young, Carmine (last name pronounced...

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Interviews: Billy Ward

Billy Ward
Sep 02 2008 // [Jayson Brinkworth]

It was September of 2007, and I was planning my teaching year. I wanted to bring in a “name” for a drum...

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Interviews: Camille Gainer

Camille Gainer
Aug 02 2008 // [Sean Mitchell]

She gives new meaning to the phrase New York’s finest. In a town full of seriously talented players, you...

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Interviews: Rich Redmond

Rich Redmond
Jul 02 2008 // [Sean Mitchell]

Not since Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings has Nashville witnessed the emergence of a more colorful...

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Interviews: Kenny Aronoff

Kenny Aronoff
Jun 02 2008 // [Sean Mitchell]

What’s the truth Kenny, how powerful a hitter are you and how do you achieve that velocity? Last year I...

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