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The Black Page interviews some of the world's best and brightest drummers. All of our interviews are archived here. Need to find a specific interview from your favorite drummer? Use the search box at the top right of our website and enter the name of the drummer you are looking for.

Interviews: The Drummer KC

The Drummer KC
Aug 02 2007 // [Sean Mitchell]

The Drummer KC is somewhat inimitable; even beneath the shroud of neon madness and the...

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Interviews: April Samuels

April Samuels
Jul 02 2007 // [Sean Mitchell]

Her Myspace quote says it all, “Hard-hitting, mind-numbing, chick drumming.” Mind-numbing, to say the...

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Interviews: Safwan Javed

Safwan Javed
Jun 02 2007 // [Sean Mitchell]

I can’t quite put into words the feeling I got when I first visited Saskatoon. I was playing at a bar that...

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Interviews: Ryan Carver

Ryan Carver
May 02 2007 // [Sean Mitchell]

At the ripe old age of 25, Ryan Carver has already studied with some of the world's most elite drummers...

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Interviews: Mark Kelso

Mark Kelso
Apr 01 2007 // [Sean Mitchell]

I do have to admit in the interest of complete honesty that before I met my teacher Mitch, I had never...

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