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The Black Page interviews some of the world's best and brightest drummers. All of our interviews are archived here. Need to find a specific interview from your favorite drummer? Use the search box at the top right of our website and enter the name of the drummer you are looking for.

Interviews: Violet The Cannibal

Violet The Cannibal
Apr 13 2012 // [Sean Mitchell]

Hey, Violet, let’s dive right in. Who are you currently playing with and what have you been up to?  For...

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Interviews: Dan Britt

Dan Britt
Mar 31 2012 // [Sean Mitchell]

Dan, you are a very motivated and motivational educator. Where do your values in regards to education come...

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Interviews: Hirsh Gardner

Hirsh Gardner
Mar 30 2012 // [Jonas Mannon]

Hirsh Gardner might consider himself an average guy. But how many average guys have conquered the world...

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Interviews: Meytal Cohen

Meytal Cohen
Mar 16 2012 // [Sean Mitchell]

Meytal Cohen is no stranger to the internet. In fact I would fare a guess that she is no doubt the most...

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Interviews: Panos Vassilopolous

Panos Vassilopolous
Mar 03 2012 // [Sean Mitchell]

I have wanted to interview Panos for a couple of years now. The first time I saw his YouTube stuff I was...

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Interviews: Will Taylor

Will Taylor
Mar 01 2012 // [Rich "Doc Spoons" Spooner]

As a teacher you can meet hundreds if not thousands of students throughout your career. Some are just...

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Interviews: Artimus Pyle

Artimus Pyle
Feb 17 2012 // [Jonas Mannon]

What would you call someone who’s survived Vietnam, a fiery plane crash, being shot, various motorcycle...

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Interviews: Don Lombardi

Don Lombardi
Feb 01 2012 // [Sean Mitchell]

With the inaugural issue of The Black Page Online comes change and growth. Perhaps no one might know that...

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