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"Groovemaster's Drumkit"

Posted by: Groovemaster May 05, 2014 am31 11:54 am

Groovemaster Says:
Pearl Vision Series: 10x8 rack tom 10x8 rack tom (tuned lower} 13x12 mounted tom 16x16 floor tom 22x22 bass drum 14x5 chrome snare Sabian Cymbals: 14"AA studio hats 16"AA "el sabor" crash 13"AA "el sabor" splash 20" HHX ride 16"AAX china 17"AA fast crash Evans 360's Vic Firth sticks/mallets/rods/brushes "I often get comments and questions about the "brushes" that I use in my videos." "In making my #GroovemasterSHEDSERIES videos, without the use of mics, headphones, etc., I must be certain that my drums blend in perfectly with the recordings and/or backing tracks. Obviously, using a wooden stick under these conditions would result in the drums overpowering the tracks. For me, the #Rute505 vinyl rods are the perfect ingredient for this recipe. These rods {not brushes}, allow me to have the perfect touch on the drums and cymbals for my particular video recording environment. They also maintain the tuning/tone of the drums as if I were using a wooden stick. With me being a drummer that relies heavily on my ears, dynamics, perception and feel, the #Rute505 rods are tailor made for my style of playing in this scenario. In live shows, recordings & rehearsals, I use the American Classic 5A/5B wooden sticks. A very special shout-out to #vicfirthsticksbrushesrodsmalletts ...and also to my homegirl and sister, drummette #camillegainerjones for the "inside" track! ~Groovemaster~ #vicfirth4Life ***You can visit the #GroovemasterSHEDSERIES @ www.youtube.com/thegroovemaster22