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Desert Drummer Profile

Desert Drummer
Username: Desert Drummer
Country: USA
Email address: desert_drumming@yahoo.com
Influences: So Many Drummers From So Many Genres
Hobbies: Music, Reading, Sports, Movies


Carlos Solorzano is a professional drummer & songwriter from Southern Arizona. He is a member of the Christian band COME THIRSTY, whose debut CD "Colors of Faith" is out now through the Tate Music Group and works as a solo artist both as a composer of original tribal drumming compositions and as a solo drumset artist. He also works on occasion as a hired pro for live and studio gigs.

His compositions have been featured on various television shows and have won multiple songwriting awards and grants. He has also been featured in DRUM! Magainze and other periodicals. His solo CD, "Desert Drummer," is available on Amazon and features both his tribal drumming compositions and drumset solos that adapt world rhythms to the kit.

Carlos is endorsed by and proudly uses: Soultone Cymbals, Los Cabos Drumsticks, Hansenfutz Pedals & Mono Hybrid Cases