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darkdrummer2099 Profile

Username: darkdrummer2099
Country: United States
Email address: christophermckinney@gmail.com
Influences: Carter Beauford, Neil Peart, Jimmy Chalmberlin, Gavin Harrison, Chad Sexton, Stewart Copeland, so many more
Hobbies: Writing, Martial Arts, Acting


I am an independant professional drummer based in the Charlotte, NC area. I have playing since I was very young. While I am an independant musician, I am also a full time member of Thirsty Horses, Rosewave, and brand new band, Letters Lost. I am also the primary drummer at Lake City CHurch in Mooresville, NC. Aside from drumming, I am also the co-owner of Shadow Gate Entertainment, where I am both a live sound tech and recording engineer. Being a sound man and drummer has truly helped both sides flourish and fueled my desire to learn both the production side of music and continue my growth as a drummer. I am a die hard endorser for Saluda Cymbals and am also looking to endorse Mapex Drums and possibly Pearl Hardware and Vic Firth drumsticks.