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Robray1 Profile

Username: Robray1
Country: USA
Email address: rfragnitomusic@gmail.com
Influences: Mark Gulliana, Josh Dion, John Bonham.
Hobbies: Exercise,Meditation,Music Production.


My name's Rob Ray, I'm from North New Jersey, USA. I play a hybrid setup. Meaning I use an acoustic drum kit combined with a synthesizer and an electronic drum pad (Octapad). Sometimes I'll play a beat with my right hand and the synthesizer with my left hand while doing a loop on the octapad. I'll also use two sticks and play a melody or bass line on the Octapad accompanied by a drum beat.

I use this setup with my band "Moon Rabbit Retreat" We are a three piece and our sound can be described as Indie Progressive Rock. It's a hard style to describe but we have plenty of music online at moonrabbitretreat.com