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Username: rhythmsectionvan
Country: Canada
Email address: rhythmsectionvan@gmail.com
Influences: Life!
Hobbies: drumming, eating


Tim Watson 2015 Drummer Bio

About Tim Watson

A master of many drumming styles, Tim Watson has been an integral part of the Vancouver music scene since 2009. Spanning the styles of rock, blues, reggae, funk, soul and gospel he has drummed for; Chin Injeti, Fredlocks with Ultra Flex Crew, Soatoa, Harpdog Brown, Chaplyn Music, and The Deep End to name a few. In his formative years he trained at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Victoria and took music composition and theory courses at the University of Victoria. Watson then solidified his education with private lessons from legendary drummers; Jim Chapin, Dennis Chambers, Dom Famularo, Don Leppard, Joshua Dixon to also name a few. Recently he has engineered, produced and released a Dub-Reggae album entitled ‘Pioneer Smoke‘ featuring Vancouver<