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AllCDC Profile

Username: AllCDC
Email address: tonyhamalainen@gmail.com
Influences: My Mother: Bouncing Betty The Worlds Most Unusual Drummer
Hobbies: Drums, Drums, and Drums


Hello everyone,


I hope you will find my drum covers entertaining. I have both practice covers and final covers on my channel.


I enjoy drumming and been doing so for the last 45 years.


I am a progressive drummer I like the fact that us progressive drummers are still trying to find new ways to communicate rhythmic ideas. I feel that we are like the leaders in the drumming field to show others new Ideas within themselves.


I want to set an example for new drummers who try the best they can, I want to support them. They will be the backbone of our industry.


I would like to do collaborations with other musicians across the world on YouTube so if you are interested in my drumming for your videos please let's talk.


If you want to connect to my personal life then you can become friends with me on my Facebook page located below.


Facebook: https://www.f