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Coady Clutch

Review by Jayson Brinkworth // April 02 2011
Coady Clutch

In this month’s Black Page product review, we are looking at the newest addition to the hi-hat clutch family, the Coady Clutch from Billdidit Inc. Billdidit is a new company based in Edwardsville, Nova Scotia, and they are said to be designing products to give drummers an unprecedented level of freedom.

The Coady Clutch is a drop clutch that allows drummers to drop the top hi-hat cymbal while the hi-hat foot works other pedals (double bass, cowbell, etc). I have used drop clutches before, and always found them to be clunky and more work than necessary.

Upon opening the box that the clutch was shipped in, I removed the four parts that were sent. At first I thought I should find information on how it worked, but I thought it would be an honest review if I tried to figure it out myself. The assembly and parts made perfect sense and was very easy to use within two minutes. The parts were the Coady Clutch (disc and clutch), the Coady Trip Arm and Clamp and the Coady Wash Control. The first order of business was to try the Coady Clutch by itself and see what it was all about.

I first install the clutch on my 14” hi-hats to put them under normal conditions. As I stated before, assembly is very easy, and I was playing in no time. As soon as I started playing, I noticed how accurate and smooth this clutch was. Even though it is a drop clutch, I wanted to see how it behaved under “non-drop” use. I played jazz and funk patterns, all with busier hi-hat foot parts to see how stable this clutch was. The magnets that connect the disc to the clutch are very strong and I couldn’t make this clutch hiccup at all. So I moved on to implementing the drop option into the equation, playing patterns on double bass and a mounted tambourine while dropping and picking up the top hi-hat cymbal with the Coady Clutch. The fact that you can hit the disc anywhere to drop the cymbal is fantastic as there is no distraction from playing. This clutch was extremely accurate and didn’t miss a beat at all!

I decide next to try this on my 15” hi-hats, as I play them most often. The clutch again works without a problem, so I think I need to take it to an extreme. I put on two 18 “ crashes of medium thin weight to see how accurate this drop clutch really is. I can’t believe the ease that the top cymbal is picked up and dropped with no problem at all. I am by no means a double bass player of expertise, but I do know when I am using a product of quality, and so far, I am very impressed.

I am very curious about the Coady Wash Control as I have never seen anything like it before. This is a spring-loaded spacer that sits between the bottom and top hi-hat cymbal. When you drop the top hi-hat cymbal, this spacer keeps the cymbals a specific distance apart to get more or less wash depending on the spring tension you set. Once you engage the clutch, the spacer becomes inactive with the pressure from the top cymbal. With a traditional drop clutch, it is all or none, but the Coady Wash Control gives us more options that we never had before. I was able to set it to be playing very washy “Ringo” patterns when I dropped the clutch,. What a concept! The spring is very easy to adjust, and this item is very unique to the hi-hat marketplace.

This is another piece of the puzzle that is new to me and I am very curious about. It is a clamp that attaches to your hi-hat stand and the metal trip arm. It is stated that the Coady Trip Arm makes this the first hands-free drop clutch. The clamp and arm were very easy to install and I had it working in a matter of seconds. The shape of the arm may be hard to explain in words, but it bends up and around the hi-hats. You position the trip arm just above where you have the Coady Clutch mounted. When you release the hi-hat pedal, the arm hits the clutch and drops the top hi-hat cymbal. When you put your foot back on the pedal, the magnets engage and the clutch is functioning. I wasn’t quite sure how accurate this function would be, but was pleasantly surprised at the results. It was smooth and worked just as it was supposed to.

These products were very well built and thought out. The only thing I can find of concern is the clutch can be a little loud as the magnets engage. Having said this, with the volume of the music and the drums, this click sound wouldn’t even be audible.

I believe that the Coady Clutch is destined to be the best drop clutch on the market. Also the Coady Wash Control and Trip Arm are very unique and useful products as well. You know a product is good when you can’t stop playing it and want to explore all of the options. This is what happened when I sat down to use all three of these products. I also tried these on two different models of hi hat stands and it worked great on both. There a few videos posted on YouTube with the products in action.

More information can be found on the company's website, www.billdidit.ca



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About the Author
Jayson  Brinkworth

Jayson Brinkworth is an accomplished drummer, percussionist, vocalist, educator and writer based out of Canada. He is co-owner of the Saskatchewan music school Music In The House, as well as the founder of both the Regina Drum Festival and The Stickman Drum Experience.

Jayson proudly endorses Yamaha drums, Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Evans heads, Impact cases, Kickport, Flix, Future Sonics and Mountain Rhythm. Visit Jayson online at www.jaysonbrinkworth.com.

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