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The Aristocrats: Culture Clash Live

Review by Sean Mitchell // February 02 2015
The Aristocrats: Culture Clash Live

Had they been born butchers, the Aristocrats latest live CD/DVD package would be compared fine cuts like Boston Butt and Loin. In July of 2013 Marco Minnemann, Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and crew embarked on an impressive 105-show tour across 28 countries. Due to various technical difficulties, however, the band was not able to use footage from any one particular show in its entirety for the DVD. In actuality, Lady Luck was not being malicious; allowing the band to piece together a buffet of the best footage from the Culture Clash world tour. The five shows that did make it to video allow fans to follow the trio across Manchester, Mexico, Bangkok, Tokyo and Zoetermeer. After all who doesn't want to go on a road trip?  

If you take pleasure in musical proficiency and one heck of a good shed session, this is definitely going to be an enjoyable ride. There has always been room for pure, unadulterated musicianship and fun as these days as it seems several musos have auto-tuned the f*** out of any feeling left in the industry. Lab-coats and critics beware, much like any other Aristocrats recording, the boys go whole hog with all the chops (not necessarily of the pork variation) a musician could handle. I would also be remiss if I did not warn music snobs that although these guys can actually sing, the only vocal performance in any of the musical numbers comes from a chicken and a pig (of the rubber variety).  

So many musicians take words like sensitivity and humor literally and translate that as sappy lyrics or asinine inside jokes that no one but the band or the road crew would get. What is incredibly refreshing about the Culture Clash Live performances is the fact that the guys never seem to stop smiling or interacting (musical and otherwise) onstage and how they allow that to transcend the relationship with the live audience at each show. The Culture Clash Live performances are just that: musical performances. No crazy dance numbers to distract you from lip syncing or bad fashion that has overstayed its welcome. And I felt like I was part of many of those moments on stage—sometimes I laughed, sometimes I hung on every note that Guthrie Govan played, and sometimes I felt there was a little showboating—and through the whole ride I felt like I was welcome addition to the Aristocrats world.  

Good musicians borrow, great musicians steal, and if you are serious about your craft give the fellas a little of your hard-earned ducats and steal the heck out of some of these numbers. Admittedly there are probably more notes played on these two discs than Bieber will ever perform in his career. And as much as I would have to work my ass off to play like Marco, Bryan or Guthrie, I heard the artists in the music; they spoke to me. (Just because one can't write like Shakespeare doesn't mean one can't understand the message). Culture Clash Live is a venerable meat market of musicality and is definitely worth a pound of flesh (or two). As my aforementioned friend Billy S. once said, “The man that hath no music in himself, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils; The motions of his spirit are dull as night, and his affections dark as Erebus. Let no such man be trusted.”








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Sean Mitchell

Sean Mitchell has been an active participant in the drumming industry for over 20 years. He has studied under Crash Test Dummies drummer Mitch Dorge and Drumming's Global Ambassador Dom Famularo. Sean is also a songwriter and regularly performs with his wife (and singer) Jill Mitchell. Sean proudly endorses Aquarian Drumheads.

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