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Accent to Paradiddle

Technique by Will Taylor // May 16 2012
Accent to Paradiddle

Hello, I hope all is well in the world of drums. 

This month’s exercise is focusing on accent to taps to accented paradiddles. It’s a simple 1/8– 1/16 note piece, but we are using odd groupings of 5,7, and 9 and then filling in the gaps with single paradiddles and then double paradiddles. For those who don’t know, a single paradiddle is RLRR or LRLL and a double is RLRLRR or LRLRLL. 

5/4 section: Here we have two accents per grouping of 5. First on the R hand and then on the L hand. The paradiddle section is one R hand lead single paradiddle follows by a L hand lead double paradiddle. This is then repeated. 

7/4 section: We have three accents per grouping of 7. First bar is with the R handed and the second bar is L handed. The paradiddle section is two single paradiddles (R then L) followed by a R hand double paradiddle. This then switches the sticking around for the second pass of the 1/16 note section. Second part is two single paradiddle (now L then R) and then a L handed double paradiddle, bringing you back to your R hand for the start of the 9/4 section. 

9/4 section: In this section we have four accents per grouping of 9. First bar is played with the R hand and the second bar is played with the L hand. The paradiddle section is three single paradiddles (R,L,R) then a L hand lead double paradiddle. This is then repeated.

I hope you enjoy this exercise and that the video is help whilst learning it. Any questions feel free to get in contact. 

Cheers, Will Taylor





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About the Author
Will  Taylor

Will began playing in the Falcons marching band and took a heavy interest in rudimental drumming. This led to seven years of marching snare drum with the Falcons (finally writing for and leading the drumline) and time at the Cadence drum and bugle corps.

He began playing drum kit during this time and took to studying hard with some great teachers (Richard Spooner, Tom Meadows, Neil Martin) and playing for many different artists as well as playing on releases by Gary Go and Incoherence to name a few. Will maintains a busy teaching schedule whilst playing, touring and recording with different artists and bands.

Email Will with any questions at willtaylordrums@gmail.com, follow him on Twitter at twitter@willtaylordrums or visit him online at http://www.willtaylor.co.uk/

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