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Coordination and Chop Builders

Technique by Ryan Carver // May 02 2008
Coordination and Chop Builders

Coordination is a key element in creativity. Being able to express yourself on command is a goal for many drummers. These exercises are some that I use to practice coordination, and to build some chops. Alternate hands in the first measure, then follow the various stickings in the second measure. The left foot on the hi-hat is a key part. Try to lock with the hi-hat. Once you are comfortable, increase the tempo, then phrase the patterns around the kit. Try to groove for 3 bars, then fill for one bar. Then groove for 4 bars and fill for 4 bars, phrasing each pattern around the kit. Enjoy!


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About the Author
Ryan Carver

Ryan Carver is a world-renowned educator with a private practice based out of Ocean County New Jersey, USA. Ryan is the owner of Carver Drums, providing drum repair and custom drums. Ryan can be seen performing with the Shores top bands 4-5 nights a week! Ryan proudly endorses Beatnick Rhythm Analyzer from Onboard research and Carver Drums custom snare drums. Ryan is a member of Vic Firth Education Team, The Hudson T.I.P. program and The Percussive Arts Society. Visit Ryan online at www.carverdrums.com.

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