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Double Bass Building Blocks: Part I

Technique by Ryan Carver // April 02 2009
Double Bass Building Blocks: Part I

Here is an exercise I have been shedding a lot lately. This is designed to help build speed, control and endurance. Start by playing each line twice. Then progress to playing each line 4 and 8 times each. Start at a slow tempo and move slowly up to the faster tempos. Record your max tempos. Endurance is key, so play each one as long as you can.



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Ryan Carver

Ryan Carver is a world-renowned educator with a private practice based out of Ocean County New Jersey, USA. Ryan is the owner of Carver Drums, providing drum repair and custom drums. Ryan can be seen performing with the Shores top bands 4-5 nights a week! Ryan proudly endorses Beatnick Rhythm Analyzer from Onboard research and Carver Drums custom snare drums. Ryan is a member of Vic Firth Education Team, The Hudson T.I.P. program and The Percussive Arts Society. Visit Ryan online at www.carverdrums.com.

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