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Drumming Basics: Jazz Time Part 1

Technique by Jon Miller // January 26 2016
Drumming Basics: Jazz Time Part 1

This is an absolute beginner jazz drum lesson starting with quarter notes on the ride cymbal in 4/4 time. This material is very simple but that is part of what makes it difficult for many novice jazz drummers to play well. 

In my many years of teaching I have noticed that drummers starting out in this style have a tendency to stick with patterns they have already learned and that work well in other styles of music. This is understandable as part of wanting to stay in a comfort zone but doesn't always work musically, which is why I have made these videos covering the basics.  

Please keep in mind this information is meant as a starting point. More advanced material, which is available from many sources, won't have much impact on your playing if you haven't acquired a firm foundation in the basics.




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About the Author
Jon  Miller

Jon Miller is a drummer, drum instructor and band leader based in Victoria BC. Before locating to the West Coast in 1999 he lived in Montreal, Philadelphia and Amsterdam, playing drums in a wide range of formations. He holds a B. Mus in Jazz Performance from McGill University and he has studied drums with Alan Dawson, Martin Bradfield, Peter Magadini, Louis Williamson, Marvin "Smitty" Smith and Barry Elmes. He has shared the stage with (among others) Jeff Healey, Charlie Hunter, Skip Bey, Vic Vogel, PJ Perry and Hugh Fraser. Jon currently divides his time between teaching drums at Groove Studios, freelance playing and leading his own groups including the Jon Miller Quartet. Get in touch with him at http://jonmillerdrums.weebly.com/


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