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Exercises for Mobility

Technique by Ryan Carver // November 10 2007
Exercises for Mobility

The following exercises are designed to help you move around your drumset smoothly and with ease. These are not intended to see how fast you can move, but are supposed to help you move freely around the kit to execute your ideas smoothly. Start slow and make sure each stroke and motion from drum to drum is relaxed and played the same way each time for accuracy. You can slowly start to increase the speed. Don’t sacrifice your sound quality just to play faster. Eventually you can build up to the faster tempos. If you are playing a four piece kit, just leave out the middle tom. If you have more toms add them in. Try to make your own patterns as well.


This exercise moves around the kit in a clockwise motion. The first stroke is on the floor tom to avoid any crossovers.


This one moves around the kit clockwise. Then back up the kit counterclockwise. Play a paradiddle at each end to avoid a crossover.


This one is called “Seven Up, Seven Down” and was shown to me by a friend. You play seven strokes up and down the kit. It can be difficult at faster tempos because of the shorter amount of time spent on each drum.





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About the Author
Ryan Carver

Ryan Carver is a world-renowned educator with a private practice based out of Ocean County New Jersey, USA. Ryan is the owner of Carver Drums, providing drum repair and custom drums. Ryan can be seen performing with the Shores top bands 4-5 nights a week! Ryan proudly endorses Beatnick Rhythm Analyzer from Onboard research and Carver Drums custom snare drums. Ryan is a member of Vic Firth Education Team, The Hudson T.I.P. program and The Percussive Arts Society. Visit Ryan online at www.carverdrums.com.

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