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Inverted Double Stroke

Technique by Dan Slater // December 16 2013
Inverted Double Stroke

Inverted double strokes were not something I really worked on in my early days, I should have! They can help make your transitions through the paraddidle inversions easier, and can be useful for Funk, Jazz, Latin and Prog contexts. 

Below is a warm up exercise and drum lesson that I really dig. If you want to speed it up, change the Hi Hat foot pulse. I've also included a groove and fill to demonstrate how inverted doubles can fit into your playing. It's a little clinical, but that's just so you can get used to the sticking. Once you have it down, make it your own. 

Repeat this 16 bar (total) sequence until your double and inverted doubles are smooth and comfortable. Keep the pulse to ensure you’re exactly on the grid. 



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About the Author
Dan  Slater

Dan Slater is a Melbourne Australia based educator, musician and author. You can visit him online at www.danslater.net

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