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Kirby's Rudiments: Moving Rolls

Technique by Kirby Jacobsen // October 23 2015
Kirby's Rudiments: Moving Rolls

Adding to my rudiments galore, here are two unusual kinds of rolls I call “Moving Rolls.” The first is an open 9-stroke roll and the second is an open 5-stroke roll whereas the single strokes are blended into the roll with no interruption in sound. 

I associate the term “moving” with the unevenness of the sticking patterns because they feel like they don’t settle. Even so, the goal is still to make them sound smooth and even. It gets even more fun when you add flams! Always start slow and play each exercise several times before proceeding to the next. Don’t forget to perform these and all rudiments at soft, medium and loud volumes. 

Have fun and remember to lock it in the pocket.

Download the sheet music for this lesson here. 







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About the Author
Kirby  Jacobsen

Kirby jacobsen (drummer, composer, author). Kirby studied Studio Recording and Jazz at the University of Miami and Jazz Performance at William Paterson University. He composes and arranges music for concert band, string and jazz trios and percussion ensemble. His snare solo book, Not Just Another Snare Solo Book, 20 Uncommon Snare Drum Solos, will soon be available on-line through HaMaR Percussion Publications, Inc. Kirby leads the Blue Brush Trio which performs in the NY/NJ metro area. 

Send questions or comments to Kirby at symphonic902@yahoo.com.

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