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Random endurance and technical exercises

Technique by Dan Slater // December 11 2012
Random endurance and technical exercises

I have always struggled with disciplined practice routines, but I eventually figured out that if I had a ton of different exercises that all work on similar things, I can just pick one or two each time I sit down to practice and I wouldn't become bored or unmotivated!

In this lesson I'll share some random chop builders I've developed. I find exercise 1 and 2 are best played with one hand (or in unison) as an endurance exercise, but the variations I've included give a greater challenge. Exercise 3 highlights the slight difference in left-hand speed between triplets and sixteenths. Exercise 4 is a simple but effective left hand workout. Exercise 5 is another endurance workout—the numbers above the flams will hopefully help you navigate through the odd time signatures (for instance, I would count the 9/8 bar as "1+2+3+4+A").  Exercise 6 helps with even seven stroke rolls and timing of subdivisions, and Exercise 7 is all about making smooth transitions from one sticking pattern to another. Mix it up and have fun! 




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Dan  Slater

Dan Slater is a Melbourne Australia based educator, musician and author. You can visit him online at www.danslater.net

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