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Rudimentary Warm Up

Technique by Kirby Jacobsen // May 13 2013
Rudimentary Warm Up

Here’s another fantastic warm-up exercise for the drums that I’ve been using for ages. It’s a bounce-snap exercise, if you will.

Strive to keep the unaccented notes as soft as possible and the accented notes loud and do this at various volumes as well. For maximum benefit, practice the left lead as much as the right lead exercise. 

Play these exercises at soft, medium and loud volumes. Start very slow and play it several times before speeding up. 

As always, lock it in the pocket!




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About the Author
Kirby  Jacobsen

Kirby jacobsen (drummer, composer, author). Kirby studied Studio Recording and Jazz at the University of Miami and Jazz Performance at William Paterson University. He composes and arranges music for concert band, string and jazz trios and percussion ensemble. His snare solo book, Not Just Another Snare Solo Book, 20 Uncommon Snare Drum Solos, will soon be available on-line through HaMaR Percussion Publications, Inc. Kirby leads the Blue Brush Trio which performs in the NY/NJ metro area. 

Send questions or comments to Kirby at symphonic902@yahoo.com.

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