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Single Accent Shift: Train Beat

Technique by Murray Creed // January 27 2016
Single Accent Shift: Train Beat

Murray Creed demonstrates the Single Accent Shift exercise that we can use to play a groove commonly known as a Train Beat. The Train Beat is a 16th-note pattern that emulates the sound of a train coming down the track, giving you a feeling of forward momentum. This groove is played in songs like "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet and "Chatahoochie" by Alan Jackson. 

Pay close attention to your stick heights in order to make sure the accents are louder than the basic strokes. Practice your articulation and use a metronome to develop a good meter on this groove. As always, master this groove at a slower tempo before you increase your speed to develop good sticking habits.






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About the Author
Murray Creed

Murray is a graduate of PIT and founder of Groove Studios music school in Victoria British Columbia, Canada. He is also the founder of the Victoria Drum Festival (www.victoriadrumfest.ca). Visit Murray online at www.murraycreed.ca

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