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Starter Chop

Technique by Damani Rhodes and Stixx // August 03 2013
Starter Chop

Drum Fill Friday is a weekly drum lesson that is presented by Damanirhodesplayalongs.com that teaches you a brand new drum fill to add your own "bag of tricks". 

Stixx taught an amazing starter chop a while back that we know you'll love. What is a starter chop? It's pretty much self explanatory. It's a series of notes that is used to start a fill. It doesn't fill an entire measure or phrase but it's a great kick start for the rest of the phrase. 

This chop is one that will make you sound better and faster than you may currently be right now. It's a simple fill but sounds advanced. Many of your favorite flashy drummers use this and now it's yours to use!




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About the Author
Damani Rhodes and Stixx

Damani Rhodes is a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, keyboards/piano, and bass guitar professionally. He started playing drums at the young age of 12, the piano/keyboard grabbed his interest at the age of 16, and his natural progression to the bass guitar happened at age 18. By the age of 21, Damani had managed to hone his skills on these different instruments while attending junior college and even some national touring. Visit Damani online at http://www.damanirhodesplayalongs.com

Stixx has been playing drums professionally for 7 years for various artists and cover-bands. He currently teaches pre-recorded video drum lessons on the educational website www.damanirhodesplayalongs.com. He also is an instructor at the only drum school in Sacramento called 'The Drum Lab'.

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