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Drum Sound Drums

The Drum Shop by Sean Mitchell // June 05 2012
Drum Sound Drums

I first stumbled up on Drum Sound drums quite by accident three years ago. And since then they have become an obsession of mine. I absolutley love these drums and it has become a goal of mine to own a set before 2013!

This company has it all—the look, the sound and the design. They are the epitomy of excellence, and much like many Italian artists, Luca's designs and finishes should be considered masterpieces. I recently reached out to DS Drum founder Luca Deorsola to chat about his incredible kits.


Luca, can you please tell me the history of Drum Sound drums. How did the company begin and who started the company? 

First of all, passion lives here! I started my dream in 1995 by building my first drum kit in my mother's kitchen. It was a lucky start because the drum kit went on tour with Pino Daniele (one of the Italian big acts) and Pat Metheny. After this fantastic beginning, I decided to create the DS Drum brand and quickly became a reference for all the great Italian drummers. After several years I found a picture in my father’s basement. The picture was taken during my first birthday (45 years ago), showing me with a drum. From there I knew what my destiny was. 

I have been following your company for three years now and I think your finishes are probably the most incredible and beautiful. Who develops the ideas for the finishes? 

I personally develop ideas. I love art and design, and I take inspiration from everything around me. 



Who does the finishing of the drums? 

All finishes are made by hand by me. 

Does ds Drums currently offer any hardware? 

Sure! I personally developed, designed and engineered all the new hardware that you will find shortly on the new site. 

Your attention to detail is incredible. You spent a two-year period researching snare sound customization. What types of research did you conduct, and what did you learn from this process? 

I love listening to the tastes and needs of drummers. With their input and  my knowledge I have experienced many combinations of sound by varying the drum shell, the bearing edge, the snare bed and snare wires. All strictly ds production. 

Where did you develop the idea for your lugs? They look incredible!

I've always loved the lines and rounded curves of the great international designers. The first lug I drew in ‘95 was exactly a half-sphere. Then, as the years passed, I have made ​​some restyling—now more lightweight and slightly oval. 

Tell me more about your process in making snares. What types of wood do you offer for snares? What types of metal snares do you offer? 

In this moment I offer four types of drum shells as studio, regular, dynamite and supersonic. This is the link to download the snare drum catalogue so you will find more information:


I also offer metal snare drums as steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, and titanium, but right now I'm developing new models. 

How custom can your customers order. Will you do any sizes or do you have guidelines for your drum sizes? 

Any size, any color and finishes (there are about 70,000). I don’t use wrap. Finishes are NS, WET, Solid and Double Lacquer. 

Tell me about the different lines and models of drum kits you offer. 

For 16 years now I offer only one professional drum line [custom]. I am planning other drum lines that should be out in mid 2013. I also hope to be able to produce for other brands. 

Can you introduce me to the employees at ds Drums? Who works for you? 

Just me and myself.  

Would I be correct in assuming that you are the largest custom drum maker in Italy? 

Yes, correct. ds Drum is the leading brand for the Italian professional market. 

How can a person order a ds drum set? 

The customers first send me an email or call me for technical advice and suggestions, then they order through one of our ten Italian drum centers. 

How far will ds Drums ship drum kits? Do you ship internationally? 

We ship drums all over the world. Actually we have two distributors, one in Sweden and one in Germany. 

Tell me about some of your endorsers. Who can we listen to on the web?

You can listen to some of them on our YouTube channel.


What does ds Drums have planned for the next few months?

Right now I'm making the new ds Drum website, I am designing and building new molds and machinery and planning the financial position of my business.

Visit ds Drums online at http://www.dsdrum.com/


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About the Author
Sean Mitchell

Sean Mitchell has been an active participant in the drumming industry for over 20 years. He has studied under Crash Test Dummies drummer Mitch Dorge and Drumming's Global Ambassador Dom Famularo. Sean is also a songwriter and regularly performs with his wife (and singer) Jill Mitchell. Sean proudly endorses Aquarian Drumheads.

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