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The drum shops

Welcome to The Black Page Drum Shop. Here you can purchase drum t-shirts, stickers and other goodies that are for sale. If you see a company listed here, you will be able to link to thier sales page as well. Watch this space for more great drumming merchandise from us and our affiliates! 

The drum shop: Drum Sound Drums

Drum Sound Drums
Jun 05 2012 // [Sean Mitchell]

I first stumbled up on Drum Sound drums quite by accident three years ago. And since then they have become...

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The drum shop: Cympad

Apr 14 2012 // [Sean Mitchell]

Reto Hirschi had a vision, and then he made it become a reality. Cympad was the result and has since...

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The drum shop: Liberty Drums

Liberty Drums
Feb 01 2012 // [Sean Mitchell]

As part of the new look and feel of The Black Page, we have added a great new section to the site. We call...

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